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November Voice Over

Well this month was pretty decent. I started off with some work for Major League Soccer. That was a nice boost to the month right off the start. Then I did some spots for Christus Health in Texas and New Mexico. These spots were funny and very topical as they feature (me) a guy trying to talk to his “Siri-like” phone, and of course, she misunderstands just about everything he says…It’s pretty funny…and all too real.
I did more projects for Greater Nevada Credit Union, Mystic Aquarium, First Tech Credit Union, American Family Fitness, Goshen Health, The Hartford, VMWare, and others. I love working for all of these great companies. It’s always an honor to voice projects and to be chosen to provide my voice to, in a small way, represent these great companies. I love it to the core of my being.
I’m about to take a little time away. But even though I’ll be out of my home studio, I always take my microphone and some equipment with me so I can audition and, sometimes, complete jobs while I’m away.
If you’re ever in need of a 24/7 voice…a younger male voice…MY VOICE…let me know. I will pour my heart and love into your project.

Be well and do good things out there.

Never Give Up

I’ve been truly blessed to be a working voice over actor for well over 15 years now. This line of work has brought me so many wonderful opportunities in life. It has truly allowed me to live a life I truly love. One of the main reasons that I think I’ve been able to work so long in this business boils to one word: persistence. I’ve never given up. I’ve always carried on. This line of work has had low points: I’ve been fired on the spot during a VO session, I’ve been “kicked out” of Hollywood (another story for another time), I’ve endured slow periods, I’ve been replaced on ad campaigns…but I’m still here. Working away, almost everyday. After each one of my disappointments, I still get up everyday and do every audition that comes my way. This business is never short of disappointments. I do most of my auditions thinking that I’m really quite perfect for almost every job. Unfortunately…I’m only right about 5% of the time or less. If that’s not disappointing, I don’t know what is.

Voice over is a branch of show business. And in show business, there is something to be said for sticking it out. I’ve been making a good living doing VO for 15 years, but it took me 4 years to get there. I was lucky to have started very young and my natural exuberance likely helped me stick to it. There’s an eternal optimist in me that always thinks a cool job is right around the corner.

My advice to those wanting to make a career in voice is to stick with it, never give up, and be persistent. Yes, I am good at what I do. But more than that, it’s being good and being persistent.

Visit Lodi

I’m thrilled to have voiced a really beautiful spot for a campaign called “Visit Lodi”. It’s getting people to see how beautiful Lodi is and showcasing how many cool things people can do here…and best of all, it’s just a short drive from the SF Bay Area. It’s a very subtle piece of media imagery and I almost didn’t recognize my voice on the spot. It was created by the amazing talents at Bongo Post in Sacramento: http://bongopost.com/

Check this spot out. I LOVE it, and I hope you do, too. And..Visit Lodi! http://www.visitlodi.com/

Mystic Aquarium-One of my favorite clients

I’ve been doing VO work for Mystic Aquarium for well over 5 years now…and I love it! Sea Research is the entity that owns Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. They do a wonderful job of educating the public about conservation and sea life. It’s truly an honor for me to be able to do work for them. Here is a spot I did for them to encourage people to join as members of the aquarium.  I hope to visit Mystic Aquarium this summer when I’ll be taking a relative to begin university on the East Coast.  A BIG thank you to Mystic Aquarium for allowing me the honor to voice your media work.

Mystic Aquarium

Colgate/Make-A-Wish spot

Here is the spot I voiced for the ICKO Industries produced project for Colgate and Make-A-Wish. Randy Edwards produced this spot. Randy was the owner of Pop Flash Productions when I was coming up in the VO biz in LA. He hired me to do tons of voice work for new album promos. I worked on a bunch of those spots for Randy. He was very generous to me by often funneling work my way.