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Here’s a promo video I did for the City of Lodi…Lodi? Yup, Lodi, California. The video is beautifully shot by Bongo Post in Sacramento. Voice over by Justin Gross.  Hey, if you’re working on a media project and need a male voice over, I’d love to be part of the fun. Voice over is what I do. And I’m using my blog to showcase my work and my passion for the craft. I’ve been a working voice over talent for over 15 years now. Voice over is my day job! And I love it.

Justin Gross Voice Over for Mystic Aquarium

So fun to work with the lovely people at Mystic Aquarium. I love being a teeny, tiny part of the team since they do such wonderful work to promote the health of our oceans and to protect marine life. Amazing stuff.

This was an ad that ran this summer, with yours truly, Justin Gross, providing the voice over.

If you are ever in Mystic, Connecticut, please do yourself a favor and check out the aquarium. I had the honor of visiting last year and it was a fantastic experience.

If you or someone you know is in need of voice over talent, give me a shout! I love what I do and want to voice for YOU!

Voice Over for Lackawana College

Yeah, Lackawana! I love doing spot work for Lackawana College, located in Scranton, PA. Lately, I’ve doing lots of TV and Radio spots for the college, with locations in Towanda, New Milford, Hawley, and now in Sunberry Center.
If you’re in the NE Pennsylvania area and you’re watching TV or listening to radio, surely you’ve heard these spots.
It’s always an honor for me to provide my voice over services to institutions of higher education because these are places where lives are changed. I’m a person that has enjoyed the benefits of a higher education and so I’m always thrilled to lend my voice to promote colleges and universities.
Thank you to Laura from Craft! That’s the agency that hired me for these spots. They do some really cool work!
I’m in love with the main building that houses Lackawana College. It’s beautiful!
I’m just here to give love to Craft and to Lackawana College. Thank you for letting me be a part of your marketing campaign.

If you are in need of younger, cool voice for your media project, reach out to me or my agents. I’m always happy to create a custom demo for you. Voice over is what I do…so let’s talk!

Political Ads

How I wish I could snag more political ad work. That would be amazing. I know as a consumer of media, I’m no fan of political advertising. But as a voice over talent…I see it as a great opportunity. But…I don’t typically get tons of political ad work. Mostly because I think my voice is younger sounding. Many political ads go for the “older” type voices or more serious, stereotypical announcer voices.  But this is sort of a political advertisement and I’m so happy that the ad agency and client took a chance on a voice like mine. So a big sloppy kiss and a THANK YOU to Stamp Idea Group in Montgomery, Alabama for their awesome creative thinking and work. Thank you for taking a chance on my voice for your spot. I think it turned out great. So if you’re looking for a younger, male voice for your political ad…look my way. I can work anytime, 24/7 since I have my own home studio space. I am at your voice over service.

Visit Lodi

I’m thrilled to have voiced a really beautiful spot for a campaign called “Visit Lodi”. It’s getting people to see how beautiful Lodi is and showcasing how many cool things people can do here…and best of all, it’s just a short drive from the SF Bay Area. It’s a very subtle piece of media imagery and I almost didn’t recognize my voice on the spot. It was created by the amazing talents at Bongo Post in Sacramento: http://bongopost.com/

Check this spot out. I LOVE it, and I hope you do, too. And..Visit Lodi! http://www.visitlodi.com/