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October: A Great Month for Justin Gross Voice Overs


Thank you to our country’s veterans!

Focus and right attitude in any endeavor seems to produce positive results.  My October voice over bookings were great.  Going over my booking book, I always can see what months have been the best over the last year.  My June and July books were off.  Down from where they should have been.  But my focus just wasn’t on voice over for those two months.  In May of this year, we bought a home.  It was perfect. A cute little two bedroom home in the town I grew up in; a historical gold mining town with Victorian architecture in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  The property had an extra room off the house that was perfect for my office/Voice Over studio.  The only problem was: it was a MAJOR fixer upper.  And we got busy.  June and July were spent completely remodeling this house and the studio space. So my focus was pulled away from voice over and put on getting this house and studio completed.  Once we moved into the house in August, things started picking up.  My ISDN line was installed, my voice booth assembled, and the equipment was set-up.  The amount of bookings started to sky-rocket!

So was there a difference in my mind-set between June and September?  You bet!  June and July had days filled with the emotions that go with doing a major remodel on a home.  Keeping track and doing the work we did and the work that we subbed out became a full-time job. I wasn’t thinking about voice over, I was thinking about getting the house done so we could move in.  Once the work on the house was completed and the studio was up and running, it was as if the Voice Over switch had been activated, once again.

I’ve experienced other times in my voice over career when my focus and intention wasn’t on voice over and I experienced results that were commensurate with such focus and intention.  I guess the take away is this: In order for any of us to bring about the energy of the work we desire, it’s important to nurture thoughts and actions that allow the desired work to flow our way.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a career as a voice over talent.  I’m thankful it came into my life and I’m thrilled to the core with each and every job that I have the pleasure to voice.

I guess a blog would be cool…

Even if nobody reads it, I suppose a blog would be a cool way for me to just write about voice over. I love doing what I do. So I’ll write about my career as a voice over talent.

This is definitely a unique business.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now!
So…I’ll do more entries here at JustinGross.com as I see fit.