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Political Ads

How I wish I could snag more political ad work. That would be amazing. I know as a consumer of media, I’m no fan of political advertising. But as a voice over talent…I see it as a great opportunity. But…I don’t typically get tons of political ad work. Mostly because I think my voice is younger sounding. Many political ads go for the “older” type voices or more serious, stereotypical announcer voices.  But this is sort of a political advertisement and I’m so happy that the ad agency and client took a chance on a voice like mine. So a big sloppy kiss and a THANK YOU to Stamp Idea Group in Montgomery, Alabama for their awesome creative thinking and work. Thank you for taking a chance on my voice for your spot. I think it turned out great. So if you’re looking for a younger, male voice for your political ad…look my way. I can work anytime, 24/7 since I have my own home studio space. I am at your voice over service.

Never Give Up

I’ve been truly blessed to be a working voice over actor for well over 15 years now. This line of work has brought me so many wonderful opportunities in life. It has truly allowed me to live a life I truly love. One of the main reasons that I think I’ve been able to work so long in this business boils to one word: persistence. I’ve never given up. I’ve always carried on. This line of work has had low points: I’ve been fired on the spot during a VO session, I’ve been “kicked out” of Hollywood (another story for another time), I’ve endured slow periods, I’ve been replaced on ad campaigns…but I’m still here. Working away, almost everyday. After each one of my disappointments, I still get up everyday and do every audition that comes my way. This business is never short of disappointments. I do most of my auditions thinking that I’m really quite perfect for almost every job. Unfortunately…I’m only right about 5% of the time or less. If that’s not disappointing, I don’t know what is.

Voice over is a branch of show business. And in show business, there is something to be said for sticking it out. I’ve been making a good living doing VO for 15 years, but it took me 4 years to get there. I was lucky to have started very young and my natural exuberance likely helped me stick to it. There’s an eternal optimist in me that always thinks a cool job is right around the corner.

My advice to those wanting to make a career in voice is to stick with it, never give up, and be persistent. Yes, I am good at what I do. But more than that, it’s being good and being persistent.

Visit Lodi

I’m thrilled to have voiced a really beautiful spot for a campaign called “Visit Lodi”. It’s getting people to see how beautiful Lodi is and showcasing how many cool things people can do here…and best of all, it’s just a short drive from the SF Bay Area. It’s a very subtle piece of media imagery and I almost didn’t recognize my voice on the spot. It was created by the amazing talents at Bongo Post in Sacramento: http://bongopost.com/

Check this spot out. I LOVE it, and I hope you do, too. And..Visit Lodi! http://www.visitlodi.com/

VOICES of Sacramento Meet Up Group

This last Thursday night, I was a guest speaker for a meet-up group in Sacramento, CA called VOICES of Sacramento. It’s a very cool group focused on the business of voice overs. Local voice over folks, Jon Morss Luis Garcia head up the group and people at all levels of the business are welcome to attend. I had the opportunity to speak about my experience as a voice over talent and how I got started in the business, and more importantly, what I do to keep working in this business. As I stated in my talk, I don’t know everything. The only path I know is the one I’ve tread. But I do know that I have done something right to be able to have voiced over 2000 projects. I told the group that, if nothing else, persistence is my true talent. Because I’ve never given up, even in the face of career lows and set-backs. I’ve always gotten back up behind that mic and carried on.

It’s important to have groups like this to offer a place for peer contact and to help people that are exploring the business or are very new to it a place to make contact and get information. When I began in the 90s, there was nothing like this. It was through sheer circumstance that I met people involved in the business…and I guess I was lucky enough to ask the right questions and complete the right tasks.

The VOICES group has the function of allowing members to share vital information with peers. Topics like agents, voice over demos, equipment, ISDN, websites, production studios, etc. are able to be discussed and this allows all of us to boost our knowledge in at least one (or many more) aspects of the business.  Attending this event made me realize that I should be part of this group, as well. We never know what excellent bits of information we will come across when other VO peeps get together to just share info.

So I encourage anyone that’s interested in voice over to seek out and attend groups like this. I’m sure they exist in every state. It’s important to make contact with people in the business that are working and it’s important for people working in the business to pay it forward by sharing information. I really think that is so important. None of us working VO talents have gotten where we are solely on our own…at some point, we were given a leg up and were helped by another person. It’s certainly true in my life (Elisabeth Nunziato, Dave Sebastian Williams) and I think of those helpful individuals all the time. They may not even know the true impact they’ve had on my life…so that’s why those with the knowledge should be generous. Because you never know the impact you will have on someone’s life. In voice over…or in general.

So…VO, and prosper.


VOICES of Sacramento

Sacramento, CA
645 Voice Talents

VOICES is a group designed to share ideas, talk to experts, find resources and experience the voiceover industry from the inside out. We are about creating a community of voic…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Mystic Aquarium-One of my favorite clients

I’ve been doing VO work for Mystic Aquarium for well over 5 years now…and I love it! Sea Research is the entity that owns Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. They do a wonderful job of educating the public about conservation and sea life. It’s truly an honor for me to be able to do work for them. Here is a spot I did for them to encourage people to join as members of the aquarium.  I hope to visit Mystic Aquarium this summer when I’ll be taking a relative to begin university on the East Coast.  A BIG thank you to Mystic Aquarium for allowing me the honor to voice your media work.

Mystic Aquarium

Colgate/Make-A-Wish spot

Here is the spot I voiced for the ICKO Industries produced project for Colgate and Make-A-Wish. Randy Edwards produced this spot. Randy was the owner of Pop Flash Productions when I was coming up in the VO biz in LA. He hired me to do tons of voice work for new album promos. I worked on a bunch of those spots for Randy. He was very generous to me by often funneling work my way.


More Awesome Voice Over Work

Well April is moving right along.  I was lucky enough to start out the month with a nice little video for Prysm, a visual work place solution. I got to go into the city of San Francisco and voice this cool project at Polarity. Then a couple days later I was lucky enough to voice another project for a Colgate B2B campaign, courtesy of ICKO Industries, that challenged dental offices to increase their purchases of Colgate tooth brushes and Colgate will donate a portion of sales to Make A Wish. I voiced the US campaign in February, this time around it was for Canada. Then along came a fun radio spot for Greater Nevada Credit Union from the folks at super cool Reno ad agency, KPS3. The radio spot was a challenge. The copy, at first, was :40 long for a :30 spot…problem!  I did my best to speed it up, but alas, it was just too long. So one of the creatives from the agency shot it back to me, re-written…and again, too long. We went back and forth and I tried my darnedest to make it work…until finally, they re-wrote it again and VIOLA:

So there we go. That was the start of my April this year. Not too shabby.

If you’re in need of a younger, hip, cool male voice, please hit me up. And if anyone out there just wants to chat about voice over, hit me up as well. I’m always happy to chat about it.

February-A month to LOVE voice overs!

Justin Gross AT&T T-Mobile LogoI am so psyched for February. I had the opportunity to do some amazing voice work this last January and it’s really made me enthusiastic for the month ahead. Justin Gross Voice Overs was kickin!

The month started out a little tepid. I’ll be honest. I voiced industrials for T-Mobile and IBM. Along with a little project for Haas Automation and a hospital organization in Maine. But then I booked a series of commercials for Century Link from my agent in Atlanta, Richard Hutchison, and then the month just took off! The Century Link spots were amazing. Very well put together by the folks at Peter Mayer in New Orleans. Then came a project for Gatorade, Ibanez Guitars, X-Box and Mystic Aquarium.

I was lucky enough to snag some Houston TV spots for the Houston Ballet thanks to my agents there and the amazingly talented producer, Katy Bomar. She is incredibly professional and talented. Check out her work at www.katybomarcreative.com. I can’t say enough great stuff about her.

I also voiced some projects for my favorite studio in Amsterdam. They are so kind to send work my way. They sent two VO gigs to me this month.

I really feel so lucky that I get to voice the projects that come my way. It’s such a privilege that producers and companies put their trust in me to voice their media projects. And I’m always thankful-incredibly thankful that they choose me. So I always make sure to put some “love” in my voice when I send my energy through my voice into their product. A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to those that gave me VO work this month.

When you’re looking for a younger male voice for your media project, look no further than Justin Gross. I’m here for you 24/7.

2014 to be very busy…

Microphone with headphones2013 was a fantastic year for Justin Gross Voice Overs.  I was fortunate enough to voice hundreds of projects last year. Yes, hundreds.  It’s hard to believe sometimes, but when I go over my VO booking log, the numbers don’t lie.  So I am very thankful for the numerous clients-producers-agencies-and creatives that put their trust in me to voice their media project.  Last year was great and I think 2014 will be just as fantastic!

I feel so fortunate to be able to voice projects around the country, and around the world.  I was lucky enough to continue to book jobs from my friends at a studio in Amsterdam and picked up a new client in Toronto.  So…yeah…that makes me an international voice over talent!  Haha! Sounds so fancy.

This January is already off to a great start.  I’m thrilled to have booked a chunk of TV spots for Century Link.  I’ve auditioned for these Century Link spots through my Atlanta agent for the last couple of years and never snagged even one of their spots!  So every time I would see auditions for Century Link, I’d do it and think to myself, “This time, they’re going to pick me!”  And can you believe it? They did pick me this time. Finally!  The session went great. We did nearly 2 dozen spots that day. The creative folks on this one were from Peter Mayer Advertising in New Orleans.  They were so awesome to work with. So professional, enthusiastic and kind. I loved it.

So when shall we work together?  When you need a younger male voice, say 20s-30s age range, give me a call, or one of my agents.  I promise that you’ll always get a professional, experienced and enthusiastic voice over talent when you hire me.  Plus, I’ll send you tons of positive vibes and thoughts!

Hit me up!  Justin Gross, Voice over actor;)

What a lovely January

Well, this has been a lovely January for Justin Gross Voice Overs.  I managed to stay fairly busy thanks to some of my favorite studios.  Baker Sound had me voicing projects for Mylan Labs, HiFi House, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation.  I’ve done HiFi House the last year or two, but the other clients were new for me.  As I always, I send ‘thank yous’ to Rick and Ellen at Baker.  They are truly fantastic people to work with.

I voiced some project for my friends at Voicebooking in Amsterdam.  I love doing the international projects. It makes me feel so worldly.  I’ve also been busy in San Francisco! My agency, Stars, has sent me out on multiple projects in SF this last month.  I absolutely love spending the day in SF on a job.  Because when the job is over, it’s time to explore the city.  Last week, my job was on a Friday morning.  So I booked a cheap hotel right in the city and enjoyed a weekend of exploring.  It was fantastic!

Usually January is a mixed bag.  It’s not always the busiest month for me. But January 2013 has proved to be quite successful.  I’m truly thankful for the clients that call me up to hire me without an audition because they trust me and my work.  It’s all about being RELIABLE and giving this profession 100%.  I always take a client’s project seriously.  Because no matter the size of the agency or budget, it’s someone else’s reputation on the line.  And I recognize that every time.  I want to get it right for the client and am willing to hang in there and deliver what it takes for them to leave the session happy. But I have been at this for over 10 years now and have learned a thing or two.

So, when you need a younger male voice talent, think about Justin Gross, and www.JustinGross.com        Because when you work with me, you are getting the most dedicated talent you can hire.  My reliability is off the charts!  Haha…but it’s true.  And, I’ll work 24/7…I don’t care what time it is.  I’ll work in my home studio when you want me to. I can record and send, or we can connect via ISDN, right into my voice over studio.

So there’s no need to spend all that time on those VO websites going through countless auditions.  My voice is in the 20s-30s age range and I’m here ready to deliver. My younger male voice talents have been used by the very best ad agencies around.  So if they can trust me, you know you can trust me.

I’ve digressed…but it’s onwards and upwards!  I’m going to have an amazing February.  Please be a part of it.  Let’s play together and let me voice your next project.