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Voice Over for Lackawana College

Yeah, Lackawana! I love doing spot work for Lackawana College, located in Scranton, PA. Lately, I’ve doing lots of TV and Radio spots for the college, with locations in Towanda, New Milford, Hawley, and now in Sunberry Center.
If you’re in the NE Pennsylvania area and you’re watching TV or listening to radio, surely you’ve heard these spots.
It’s always an honor for me to provide my voice over services to institutions of higher education because these are places where lives are changed. I’m a person that has enjoyed the benefits of a higher education and so I’m always thrilled to lend my voice to promote colleges and universities.
Thank you to Laura from Craft! That’s the agency that hired me for these spots. They do some really cool work!
I’m in love with the main building that houses Lackawana College. It’s beautiful!
I’m just here to give love to Craft and to Lackawana College. Thank you for letting me be a part of your marketing campaign.

If you are in need of younger, cool voice for your media project, reach out to me or my agents. I’m always happy to create a custom demo for you. Voice over is what I do…so let’s talk!

Voice Over Outside of the Media Meccas

Being a voice over actor has brought me so many amazing and fun opportunities. I feel triple blessed to be able to call this line of work my profession. Part of what makes me so thankful is that I can still do my voice over work, even though I’m not physically living in a major media market anymore. In 2012, my spouse and I decided to make a HUGE decision to move back to the town I grew up in: Grass Valley, CA. Leaving Los Angeles was difficult. I actually LOVE living in LA. I love the weather, I love show business, I love to the topography and all that LA has to offer…but I don’t like how crowded it has become. Every time I go to LA to visit or for VO work, I’m always incredibly excited to be there! “I’m back, baby!!!”…and then traffic.

I loathe crowds and sitting in traffic at nearly any hour of the day. It all starts to make sense that we decided to leave LA and set down roots in our little Northern California town. Yes, we miss zipping over to Santa Monica to enjoy 3rd St. Promenade and the beach, We miss Native Foods in Westwood and Veggie Grill in Pasadena. I miss taking my cross country runs through Griffith Park and running to the top of the mountain past the Observatory. I was born in LA and I LOVE LA.

But I also love the town I was raised in. And let’s face it; with technology, one does not have to be in a major media market to make a living in voice over. Yes, my access to really awesome job opportunities has lessened. I no longer have an “LA agent” to snag those juicy paying VO gigs. But I’ve done pretty well working outside of LA since 2012. I have relationships with agencies and studios throughout the country and, I still have ISDN, in addition to Source Connect. With these technologies, location is really not an issue to making a nice living. I always wonder if my VO career would have done amazing things if I just stayed put in LA. But I have to say that the amount of decent work I’ve found being outside of LA has been…well, decent. I can’t complain.

Leaving LA has also allowed my spouse and I to continue to invest in our little real estate projects as price points are not as high here. We’ve been able to own and operate a commercial property and some vacation rental listings via Airbnb. We love these opportunities and I don’t think we would’ve found them in LA. And because it’s a small town, we have deepened our roots here with volunteering for the local food bank and joining our local Kiwanis club that benefits children’s charities.

I still audition every day. I get up and enjoy my coffee and then I hit my little studio next door to our house. I’m still averaging about a job every work day, which is incredible. It can be done: fabulous voice over career AND life in a really cute small town.

I’m still available 24/7 to provide you with a younger, fun, hip voice for your media project. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime to discuss your project…or just to discuss voice over.

Voice Over Activity

Well it’s been business as usual for me, Justin Gross, in voice over department. I still marvel at how I’m able to work consistently, even though I’m not in LA anymore. I’m very thankful that’s the case because I absolutely love what I do. This work is always a blessing. And I’m always thrilled to be able to lend my voice to people, companies, ideas, charities, etc. I LOVE being part of the creative process for these media projects.
April 2017 was great…I voiced projects for:

Lassen College-Thanks for Bourns Productions for hiring me to voice some videos about the college Health Professions programs and their somewhat famous Gunsmithing courses.

American Zoological Association-I narrated a Kickstarter campaign video to help them do important work for ocean animals.

Delta Dental Rhode Island-I worked on a small series of commercials where I was the “man-on-the-street” interviewer.

Mystic Aquarium-the fine folks at Blue in Philadelphia asked me to do another round of spots with them. Last year it was for the Frogs Exhibit. This year, it’s for their Weird & Wonderful campaign. If you’ve never been to Mystic Aquarium…GO. It’s such a cool place to visit. I was lucky enough to visit last September and I can’t wait to go again.

Fifth Third Bank- The amazing ad agency in San Francisco, Pereira & O’Dell hired me to do some end tags on their radio campaign for 5/3 Bank. These ad folks were so easy and such a joy to work with. Awesome ad agency.

Ohio Lottery-I voice a few spots for their latest campaign.

Lackawana College-I voiced more spots for the Pennsylvania college thanks to the wonderful creative agency Craft. I love doing college spots as I’m a fan of higher education.

Nike-this was an internal project for the folks near Portland that work for the company.

Blue Moon-well, I didn’t record any new spots…but they did renew an old one I did:)

If anyone out there is in need of a younger, male voice over talent, look no further. I’m available anytime from my little home studio next door to my house. I would love to spread the VO love and have my voice on your creative project. So hit me up! Let’s VO together:)

November Voice Over

Well this month was pretty decent. I started off with some work for Major League Soccer. That was a nice boost to the month right off the start. Then I did some spots for Christus Health in Texas and New Mexico. These spots were funny and very topical as they feature (me) a guy trying to talk to his “Siri-like” phone, and of course, she misunderstands just about everything he says…It’s pretty funny…and all too real.
I did more projects for Greater Nevada Credit Union, Mystic Aquarium, First Tech Credit Union, American Family Fitness, Goshen Health, The Hartford, VMWare, and others. I love working for all of these great companies. It’s always an honor to voice projects and to be chosen to provide my voice to, in a small way, represent these great companies. I love it to the core of my being.
I’m about to take a little time away. But even though I’ll be out of my home studio, I always take my microphone and some equipment with me so I can audition and, sometimes, complete jobs while I’m away.
If you’re ever in need of a 24/7 voice…a younger male voice…MY VOICE…let me know. I will pour my heart and love into your project.

Be well and do good things out there.

Political Ads

How I wish I could snag more political ad work. That would be amazing. I know as a consumer of media, I’m no fan of political advertising. But as a voice over talent…I see it as a great opportunity. But…I don’t typically get tons of political ad work. Mostly because I think my voice is younger sounding. Many political ads go for the “older” type voices or more serious, stereotypical announcer voices.  But this is sort of a political advertisement and I’m so happy that the ad agency and client took a chance on a voice like mine. So a big sloppy kiss and a THANK YOU to Stamp Idea Group in Montgomery, Alabama for their awesome creative thinking and work. Thank you for taking a chance on my voice for your spot. I think it turned out great. So if you’re looking for a younger, male voice for your political ad…look my way. I can work anytime, 24/7 since I have my own home studio space. I am at your voice over service.

Never Give Up

I’ve been truly blessed to be a working voice over actor for well over 15 years now. This line of work has brought me so many wonderful opportunities in life. It has truly allowed me to live a life I truly love. One of the main reasons that I think I’ve been able to work so long in this business boils to one word: persistence. I’ve never given up. I’ve always carried on. This line of work has had low points: I’ve been fired on the spot during a VO session, I’ve been “kicked out” of Hollywood (another story for another time), I’ve endured slow periods, I’ve been replaced on ad campaigns…but I’m still here. Working away, almost everyday. After each one of my disappointments, I still get up everyday and do every audition that comes my way. This business is never short of disappointments. I do most of my auditions thinking that I’m really quite perfect for almost every job. Unfortunately…I’m only right about 5% of the time or less. If that’s not disappointing, I don’t know what is.

Voice over is a branch of show business. And in show business, there is something to be said for sticking it out. I’ve been making a good living doing VO for 15 years, but it took me 4 years to get there. I was lucky to have started very young and my natural exuberance likely helped me stick to it. There’s an eternal optimist in me that always thinks a cool job is right around the corner.

My advice to those wanting to make a career in voice is to stick with it, never give up, and be persistent. Yes, I am good at what I do. But more than that, it’s being good and being persistent.

Visit Lodi

I’m thrilled to have voiced a really beautiful spot for a campaign called “Visit Lodi”. It’s getting people to see how beautiful Lodi is and showcasing how many cool things people can do here…and best of all, it’s just a short drive from the SF Bay Area. It’s a very subtle piece of media imagery and I almost didn’t recognize my voice on the spot. It was created by the amazing talents at Bongo Post in Sacramento: http://bongopost.com/

Check this spot out. I LOVE it, and I hope you do, too. And..Visit Lodi! http://www.visitlodi.com/

VOICES of Sacramento Meet Up Group

This last Thursday night, I was a guest speaker for a meet-up group in Sacramento, CA called VOICES of Sacramento. It’s a very cool group focused on the business of voice overs. Local voice over folks, Jon Morss Luis Garcia head up the group and people at all levels of the business are welcome to attend. I had the opportunity to speak about my experience as a voice over talent and how I got started in the business, and more importantly, what I do to keep working in this business. As I stated in my talk, I don’t know everything. The only path I know is the one I’ve tread. But I do know that I have done something right to be able to have voiced over 2000 projects. I told the group that, if nothing else, persistence is my true talent. Because I’ve never given up, even in the face of career lows and set-backs. I’ve always gotten back up behind that mic and carried on.

It’s important to have groups like this to offer a place for peer contact and to help people that are exploring the business or are very new to it a place to make contact and get information. When I began in the 90s, there was nothing like this. It was through sheer circumstance that I met people involved in the business…and I guess I was lucky enough to ask the right questions and complete the right tasks.

The VOICES group has the function of allowing members to share vital information with peers. Topics like agents, voice over demos, equipment, ISDN, websites, production studios, etc. are able to be discussed and this allows all of us to boost our knowledge in at least one (or many more) aspects of the business.  Attending this event made me realize that I should be part of this group, as well. We never know what excellent bits of information we will come across when other VO peeps get together to just share info.

So I encourage anyone that’s interested in voice over to seek out and attend groups like this. I’m sure they exist in every state. It’s important to make contact with people in the business that are working and it’s important for people working in the business to pay it forward by sharing information. I really think that is so important. None of us working VO talents have gotten where we are solely on our own…at some point, we were given a leg up and were helped by another person. It’s certainly true in my life (Elisabeth Nunziato, Dave Sebastian Williams) and I think of those helpful individuals all the time. They may not even know the true impact they’ve had on my life…so that’s why those with the knowledge should be generous. Because you never know the impact you will have on someone’s life. In voice over…or in general.

So…VO, and prosper.


VOICES of Sacramento

Sacramento, CA
645 Voice Talents

VOICES is a group designed to share ideas, talk to experts, find resources and experience the voiceover industry from the inside out. We are about creating a community of voic…

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Mystic Aquarium-One of my favorite clients

I’ve been doing VO work for Mystic Aquarium for well over 5 years now…and I love it! Sea Research is the entity that owns Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. They do a wonderful job of educating the public about conservation and sea life. It’s truly an honor for me to be able to do work for them. Here is a spot I did for them to encourage people to join as members of the aquarium.  I hope to visit Mystic Aquarium this summer when I’ll be taking a relative to begin university on the East Coast.  A BIG thank you to Mystic Aquarium for allowing me the honor to voice your media work.

Mystic Aquarium