Being a voice over actor has brought me so many amazing and fun opportunities. I feel triple blessed to be able to call this line of work my profession. Part of what makes me so thankful is that I can still do my voice over work, even though I’m not physically living in a major media market anymore. In 2012, my spouse and I decided to make a HUGE decision to move back to the town I grew up in: Grass Valley, CA. Leaving Los Angeles was difficult. I actually LOVE living in LA. I love the weather, I love show business, I love to the topography and all that LA has to offer…but I don’t like how crowded it has become. Every time I go to LA to visit or for VO work, I’m always incredibly excited to be there! “I’m back, baby!!!”…and then traffic.

I loathe crowds and sitting in traffic at nearly any hour of the day. It all starts to make sense that we decided to leave LA and set down roots in our little Northern California town. Yes, we miss zipping over to Santa Monica to enjoy 3rd St. Promenade and the beach, We miss Native Foods in Westwood and Veggie Grill in Pasadena. I miss taking my cross country runs through Griffith Park and running to the top of the mountain past the Observatory. I was born in LA and I LOVE LA.

But I also love the town I was raised in. And let’s face it; with technology, one does not have to be in a major media market to make a living in voice over. Yes, my access to really awesome job opportunities has lessened. I no longer have an “LA agent” to snag those juicy paying VO gigs. But I’ve done pretty well working outside of LA since 2012. I have relationships with agencies and studios throughout the country and, I still have ISDN, in addition to Source Connect. With these technologies, location is really not an issue to making a nice living. I always wonder if my VO career would have done amazing things if I just stayed put in LA. But I have to say that the amount of decent work I’ve found being outside of LA has been…well, decent. I can’t complain.

Leaving LA has also allowed my spouse and I to continue to invest in our little real estate projects as price points are not as high here. We’ve been able to own and operate a commercial property and some vacation rental listings via Airbnb. We love these opportunities and I don’t think we would’ve found them in LA. And because it’s a small town, we have deepened our roots here with volunteering for the local food bank and joining our local Kiwanis club that benefits children’s charities.

I still audition every day. I get up and enjoy my coffee and then I hit my little studio next door to our house. I’m still averaging about a job every work day, which is incredible. It can be done: fabulous voice over career AND life in a really cute small town.

I’m still available 24/7 to provide you with a younger, fun, hip voice for your media project. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime to discuss your project…or just to discuss voice over.