Well this month was pretty decent. I started off with some work for Major League Soccer. That was a nice boost to the month right off the start. Then I did some spots for Christus Health in Texas and New Mexico. These spots were funny and very topical as they feature (me) a guy trying to talk to his “Siri-like” phone, and of course, she misunderstands just about everything he says…It’s pretty funny…and all too real.
I did more projects for Greater Nevada Credit Union, Mystic Aquarium, First Tech Credit Union, American Family Fitness, Goshen Health, The Hartford, VMWare, and others. I love working for all of these great companies. It’s always an honor to voice projects and to be chosen to provide my voice to, in a small way, represent these great companies. I love it to the core of my being.
I’m about to take a little time away. But even though I’ll be out of my home studio, I always take my microphone and some equipment with me so I can audition and, sometimes, complete jobs while I’m away.
If you’re ever in need of a 24/7 voice…a younger male voice…MY VOICE…let me know. I will pour my heart and love into your project.

Be well and do good things out there.